Little Robby GThe Gravity Dance name and logo came to me in March of 1993. Doodling on paper, pondering life experiences and reflecting on the magic of riding powder all day in the trees of Vermont. Feeling grateful, happy and tired, wondering... "What are these activities that influence my life's direction, my education, employment, travel adventures, connecting me to so many amazing people and beautiful places, giving me experiences and pleasures beyond words?”

Age 3, 1968, my amazing dad (ski patroller aka: the Dancing Bear) put skis on my feet, that eventually led the way to Skateboarding and Snurfers (1973), naturally gravitating me to Snowboarding (1983). The Snowboard then lured me to Surfing like trout to a mayfly. So magical, sacred and inter-connected are these sports, it occurred to me… they are all Gravity Dances! For many of us, these sacred Gravity Dances are an essentlal part of our lifestyle!

A very special book came to me in 2005 (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho), inspiring me to merge my love for these sacred modern dances with, quality, timeless, warm, cool, comfy apparel and artistic creations that represent the dances we love to do.

Happy dancing to all the kidz of planet Earth and thank you for purchasing Gravity Dance Apparel & Creations!