I officially started Gravity Dance in 2005 (lifestyle clothing and creations company geared towards snowboarders,surfers,skateboarders,skiers) as a side project to other forms of employment. Selling a small line of logo embroidered fleece jackets/ vests, a few styles of hats, hoodies, t-shirts and hand crafted sterling silver pendants dedicated to representing the lifestyles of snowboarders, surfers, skateboarders and skiers.

Since 2005 Gravity Dance has slowly evolved to become a clothing and creations company with a mission and a message.

*Brand Mission : to be recognized and renowned for comfortable, functional, stylish, quality, affordable clothing people enjoy wearing.

As well as...

-To be a channel in preserving the soul, roots and traditions of Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding and Skiing.

-To be a sustainable company committed to fair trade business practices, providing comfortable living wages and benefits for our employee's.

-To give back to our community, helping others learn how to Dance.

-To be a "Soul Hub" for people to join others, make a connection with the community of Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding and Skiing ... to share stories, photo's, fun action footage...

- Share links with / to other soulful businesses.

- Donate to good causes. ie: CHILL Program, public skate park development with more to come in time.

*Brand Message : Dance for Your Soul!

Many of us... old, new, even really new school kidz have watched our "sports" become "extreme" selling advertisements for this or that. I have heard it first hand of kidz quitting or not getting into it for fear of not being good enough. Put some time and effort into it... and " it "(Post Dance Bliss) will eventually all come together in the form of amazing fun! IT JUST DOES NOT MATTER : how many times you can spin, flip, trick... how big a cliff you can huck your body off of... how big your wave is... how fast you go, how you think your sport is better than someone else's... how many camera's are filming you... how many sponsors you have or how much the prize money is. No doubt as we progress we take bigger calculated risks, but none of this is worth dying for or ending up brain dead paralyzed, just to win a prize, get the shot or so your pals will think you're cool... it happens more than you know or hear about.

We do it for the love of the Dance, for our own personal accomplishment, well being... knowing we will Dance right up to our last years of a Fun and Full Life!

To hell with "extreme" networks media, garbage "energy" drink companies and soul-less soul sucking corporate entities blowing up snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and skiing into Roman theatre celebrity (and non-celebrity) death shows... all nicely packaged for you with shiny things, kewl kidz telling us "this is what its all about"... with really kewl advertisements and contests.
*Make no mistake, we have nothing against contests that are soulful or progression inspired from within.

We all wear the Dances we love to do, we hope you like what we're about and choose to support a Vermont born and based company with a true soul and passion for Snowboarding/Surfing/Skateboarding/Skiing. We are a new and different clothing company, conducting business in a way that does not adhere to the ever present, rampant, greedy, corporate american business structure. We are not a subsidiary company of a corporate giant, nor do we answer to share holders. We will Always remain steadfast in our commitment to heckle and make fun of "extreme sports" ooze and people committing stupid human tricks, as deemed necessary!

For many businesses it is rare to start out exactly where you want to be and this applies to us, but we're growing! Look with us to the future for new and original styles and the *coming soon* "Gravity Dance Soul Hub" social network for posting your own various Gravity Dance video's, photos, stories, info...

Please give us "Like" us on facebook and share with friends if you feel inclined... we appreciate, you can also shop from, post photo's, video's and stories on this FB page as well.

Understanding basic definitions : {see below}

Gravity Dance = 1) for one to Dance with Gravity with a board(s) under one's feet, utilizing Gravity and outdoor natural elements such as mountains snow, waves, or pavement, 2) going from a higher point to a lower point with a board(s) under ones feet expressing personal style and repeating often... usually resulting in : a heightened sense of awareness, floaty flying like sensations, laughter and the certain need for apres food, beverage and good humored reminiscing.

Sacred Dances = 1) Snowboarding 2) Surfing 3) Skateboarding 4) Skiing ; commonly regarded / referred to as "Sports" by many, and as a "Lifestyle" by those who Dance with Gravity regularly, many "Lifestyle" Dancers integrate geographic habitat, seasons and Dances into their life as often as possible. considered to be "Sacred"

"P. D. B." = Post. Dance. Bliss. ( feeling one experiences following an amazing run, wave, maneuver or sessh )

"S. O. T. H." = Sick. Of. The. Hype.


Us and many others who have been in the various Dances industry for a long time {and some not so long as well} observe this B.S., too!

At Gravity Dance we are taking a more soulful retrospective road, from the way we conduct business... to the way we view our Sacred Dances communities as a whole. For us, its about Soul, Social Connection, and Fun!

Outside of being a clothing & creations company, we hope you will join us in wearing goods you can feel a more soulful and community oriented connection to. It is part our mission to connect other lifestyle dancers. To give back to the community and share the Dances with others globally, young, older or handicapped. Share information on progressive topics... sharing truths not covered or covered by commercial corporate media... pertaining to our Dances or Anything. A social, lifestyle, community network to share stories, videos, stories, events, idea's, soulful link's. Developing programs to recycle... old gear, to teach others to Dance by helping others to create: handicapped and after school and/or at risk youth programs, adult lesson programs. Sk8park developments, fund raising ideas / networking for creating local programs for your community.

There are so many ways to give back… and it is so important to share with others who take an interest in our Dances.


Because, becoming proficient at Dancing with Gravity, in whatever form(s) … one becomes connected to much important life : virtues, lessons, self inflicted happiness, having fun, exercise, true lifetime friendships, self - awareness, - expression, creativity and individualism, nature… your elements, the beauty of the natural world around you. This leads to a healthier society with happier people!

Believe it {or not} "we" Gravity Dancers are a very powerful force! On many levels and we have an enormous impact on society... economics, fashion, environment, etc....

Over time it simply became apparent for the need to go beyond clothing and reach the good people who share our Love of Dance and all that goes with that... to join together for a greater good. A greater good than much of what we see typically offered, from those who take in $o much, give back $o little… hurt people and our Dances as a whole community.

We Dancers, are a very intelligent bunch {for the most part... dumbness exists every where} and we can do better than the crap served to us now by the media on all levels.

Join us on an adventure into eternal fun, happiness, comfortable stylish functional affordable clothing & goods! Dedicated to preserving the soulful connection to our lifestyle Dances, giving back and connecting with like minded individuals. We all love to wear our Dances, our wears are born from true love of the Dances… we do more than clothing.

Dance For Your Soul!!

Gravity Dance