Gravity Dance Brand Message: Dance For Your Soul

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Brand Message: Dance for Your Soul!

Many of us... older, new, even really new school kidz have watched our "sports" become "extreme selling advertisements" for this or that. Presenting our Dances as 24/7 "extreme radness".

I have heard it first-hand of kidz quitting or not getting into it for fear of not being good enough, just put some time and effort into and "it" (Post Dance Bliss) will eventually all come together in the form of amazing fun! IT JUST DOES NOT MATTER: how many times you can spin, flip, trick... how big a cliff you can huck your body off of... how big a wave is... how fast you go, how you think your sport is better than someone else's... how many camera's are filming you... how many sponsors you have or how much the prize money is.

No doubt as we progress we take bigger calculated risks, but none of this is worth dying for or ending up brain dead paralyzed, just to win a prize, get the shot or so your pals will think you're cool... it happens more than you know or hear about. We do it for the love of the Dance, for our own personal accomplishment, well being... knowing we will Dance right up to our last years of a Fun and Full Life! To hell with "extreme" networks media, garbage energy drink companies and soul-less soul sucking corporate entities blowing up snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding and skiing into Roman theatre celebrity (and non-celebrity)death shows... all nicely packaged for you with shiny things, kewl kidz telling us "this is what its all about"... with really kewl advertisements and contests. Make no mistake, we have nothing against contests that are soulful or progression inspired from within.

Gravity Dance Owner/Founder, Rober F Graham Jr.We all wear the Dances we love to do, we hope you like what we're about and choose to support a Vermont-born and -based company with a true soul and passion for Snowboarding, Surfing, Skateboarding, Skiing!

We are a new and different clothing company, conducting business in a way that does not adhere to the ever present, rampant, greedy, corporate american business structure. We are not a subsidiary company of a mega-corporation, nor do we answer to share holders. We will Always remain steadfast in our commitment to heckle and make fun of corporate "extreme sports" ooze and people committing stupid human tricks, as deemed necessary!

Its rare for any business to start out exactly where you want to be and this applies to us too, but we're growing... Look with us to the future for new and original styles!!

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"Dance for Your Soul"